We have been given many wonderful items which we repair and offer these here for donations to the Church and Charity. All proceeds go to the running of the Church and Charity.


Donations & Fundraising

All our work is done through donations. This includes paying for the Rent, Fuel (for the travelling needed as we bring Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Practical Help, Church Services to people who cannot travel to our Centre in Kent), Light and Heat as well as Essential Oils used in our healing therapies and the necessary insurances needed. None of the Trustees, Committee Members or Helpers are paid for their time or their services to the Church (which is a registered charity).

The renovation of the building and grounds done thus far to the Church, Healing Room, Toilets, Office, Passage and Canteen has all been achieved with donations.


We have replaced the two windows in the Healing Room with donations from visitors and friends. Thank you all very much! We need to replace the five windows in the Church. We have found a brilliant supplier and the installation will be done by us. The cost will be about £1000 as each window costs £200 each. We will replace each window as we gather enough donations to cover.

There is also a very small amount of cosmetic work to do to complete the passage between the Healing Room and the Canteen. The tongue and groove walls and ceiling are warm and inviting. Just a new lick of paint on the floor and a few tweeks of the trim and a few beautiful spiritual pictures and the Hall Passage will be complete. Thank you for your donations!

The grounds around the Church, Sanctuary and Healing Centre as well as the outside of the buildings are still to be developed. We are hoping to create a small garden and a sanctuary for wildlife and domestic animals.


We have only partly completed the full vision for the work. The Sanctuary when completed will be under cover with facilities to enable able bodied and disabled persons to spend time here to heal and find rest, relaxation and peace.

The Sanctuary will have a Healing Garden and Workshops for activities to help people in need.


If you would like to see our Centre for yourself, we welcome visitors. Most days are good for us. We love to show people our Church, Healing Room and to share our vision for the Sanctuary. Healing, Spiritual Guidance, a Cup of tea and biscuits are all offered to those who want it and these are offered on a donation only basis.


We organise spiritual events like Open Days, Suppers, Evenings of Clairvoyance and Healing Open Days throughout the year. We hope you can come to see our beautiful Church Centre.


Any amount given is received with gratitude.

You can bring your pennies to the centre and put them in one of our collection boxes.

We also welcome donations of materials. Please contact  Rev Michele Bailey if you would like to donate materials to find out what we need.

Donating your time. There is a lot of hard physical work to be done. Much of it is 'clearing' out the old in readiness of the new. If you would like to volunteer and are willing to work for tea and light refreshment give us a call. 07432489091 for Rev Michele Bailey

You can send any amount you care to to our Bank Account please contact Rev Michele for the details. Or you can send  a cheque made payable to 'The Cup of Hope and Truth Foundation' and post it to us at Beckett's Road, Fairfield, Brookland, Kent TN29 9TF.

Thank you - Love and Light and Godbless you and your family


We thank our good friends at Sainsburys New Romney - Peter and Julie - for putting us forward for the donations of flowers that can no longer be sold. See the pictures below. This means a great deal to us as flowers lift the vibration in the Church and Healing Room. We are especially touched by this loving act by our two friends unknown to us until recently.