Foundation Beliefs and Mission


We believe in God The Father and follow the Teachings and Ways of Jesus The Christ. We endeavour through the gifts that have been given us by The Divine Light to help others in need freely where we can ~

To bring Hope to the Heart and Strength to the Soul

To give Peace where there is unrest, and Quiet to an anxious Mind

To Heal the Body, the Mind and the Spirit

To generate Love to all Mankind, Forgiveness where there is Need, and Understanding where there is Guilt

To Let Go of All Pasts and to welcome each new day as it comes

To Listen with an open heart and not judge until we have judged ourselves

To carry the light from God through Spirit, and to reach out to all those in need

To lift up the burdens of a troubled mind, and release the torment of an anxious heart.


Our work is practical as well as spiritual. We help people in times of need and stress and work to help them overcome their problems.