Meditation Group

We hold an Open Meditation Group. Normally on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. However, this depends on people letting us know they are coming. Please ring or text 07432489091 (Rev Michele).

Meditation CD

Rev Green has recorded a Meditation and a CD is available on request. We don't charge for this but if you wanted to bring a blank CD we are very happy to make a copy for you. Or you can request one and we will make one up for you. Just let us know.



With the changes in the law in Britain about music sharing we are finding it difficult to make our own meditations available as downloads, however we offer an email request service for meditations and spiritual music 'Within the Light' which is perfect for relaxing before, during and after meditation.


Inspired Spiritual Writing

We will add writings inspired by the Divine Spirit here over time. Love and Light and Godbless you all.


Rev Green has prepared a number of meditations that help you to find your inner spiritual self and awareness and peace in mind, body and soul and these are available to either download from his personal website or you can request a CD copy of meditations in order. There is no charge for this but donations towards the cost of CD, Postage and Packaging are very much appreciated.

In any event we strongly recommend meditation and that you prepare properly to protect yourself and draw on the Love and Light of the Lord.

Say The Lords Prayer

Light a white candle

Say an individual prayer asking for guidance, protection and forgiveness from the Divine Light. Also ask for healing and the opportunity to find your inner peace.

Use the email link to request a meditation. Request for Meditation 1.