Latest News

We are preparing to complete the dining room ceiling with new lighting and paint the walls. We will be clearing storage space in what will be the relaxation area and sanctuary space in February 2018 which will then allow us to clear the defective plasterboard ceiling and start putting up the insulation boards and membrane sheets. (December 2017)

We have received generous personal donations of £220 from Sue Hewer and John Chafer which is going towards the completion of the Dining area ceiling (tongue & groove). We send our heartfelt thanks to them both for giving so generously.

We raised a wonderful £100 during our Psychic Fayre (July 2017). Heartfelt thanks to those Mediums, Healers and Helpers for coming and supporting the Church and Charity. Love and Light and Godbless you and your family.


We welcome a new Christian Spiritual Church to The Fold. The Bluebell Christian Spiritual Church in Preston (formerly The James Gardener Christian Spiritualist Church) is now affiliated to us. We welcome all in Love and in the Name of Christ! (Feb 2017)

We have got all the equipment into the Kitchen area and are collecting funds to complete the ceiling in the Dining area so that we can in time offer meals and meets to people in need on The Marsh and from the surrounding area!

We have completed the passage way between the Healing Room and the Canteen. Just another coat of paint and spiritual pictures and the Hall Passage will be done!.


We Love holding the Last Saturday Meals -  All are welcome - old friends and new friends alike. If there is more than two of you coming could you let Rev Michele 07432489091 know? We wouldn't want anyone to go short of spuds! The next Communal Meal is on 31st October 2015.


Good news we are now licensed to conduct marriage ceremony between man and woman at The Cup of Hope and Truth Christian Spiritual Church. We ask a Donation of £50 for the ceremony. There are other statutory fees totalling £70 for Notice of Marriage and £55 for a Registrar to witness and record the marriage.
Please contact Rev Michele Bailey 07432489091 or
Rev Charles Green 07535507008


Good news we have brought the Saturday Evenings of Clairvoyance to The Church from 7.30pm. £3 on the door. Plenty of parking. Healing available. Disabled Friendly.

Good News we have taken delivery of replacement glass to make the Healing Room windows nice and warm. Two windows are now replaced. Thanks to All who helped this to be and we pray for further help to continue replacing the windows in the Church.


A Big Thank You! to our friends at Sainsburys New Romney - Peter and Julie - for putting us forward for the donation of flowers past their 'sell by' dates. See our donation page for the first vases of flowers we received as a result of this wonderful surprise gift received. It means a great deal as flowers raise the vibration in the Church and Healing Room immensely bringing much Love and Light to us all.

Godbless you All.


We are pleased to let you all know that the Church Sanctuary and Healing Centre in Kent is now up and running. Come and visit us and join us for Divine Service on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm. We are open everyday for Healing Sessions and for Spiritual Guidance.

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Our Meditation Group meets on Wednesday Evenings (£3 on the door) which will help you in so many ways. If you can't make Wednesday night but wish to be guided through a personal meditation please contact us. We also can send you a Meditation CD

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We are currently praying for enough funds to renew the windows in the healing centre and church. And also for help to continue work on the Sanctuary rooms where people can sit and relax. If you would like to make a donation of time, material or money you can contact us or look at our Donations and Fundraising page for more information. 

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Below are some of the images of our beautiful Church.

We hope you will be able to visit us.

Love and Light and Godbless you and your family!


We are currently applying for charitable status and registering the Church. All of our work is done through donations. If you would like to receive healing, spiritual guidance or join our meditation group or healing group contact us to find out about it.

We are happy to receive donations to support our work. None of our Trustees or Healers are paid for their time or their gifts which they give of freely. Your donations go into helping to keep the Church Sanctuary and Healing Centre going.

Contact us if you would like to donate. We are able to accept gifts of cash and postal orders at the moment but will have a dedicated bank account open soon.

Whilst you are visiting our website be sure to look at our healing page and if you wish, add the names of those who you feel need prayers and healing.

Love and Light and Godbless